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Bring your front-of-house front and center.

Create a VIP guest experience while booking more reservations, turning tables faster, and increasing revenue with SpotOn Reserve.

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Reservations served using SpotOn Reserve


Monthly savings over reservation platforms that charge per-cover fees


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Successful marketing campaigns deployed


The help you need, every step of the way.

24 / 7 / 365

Restaurant tech with a human touch.

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Before the pandemic, 79% of dine-in guests were walk-ins. Now, guests want to be sure they have a seat at the table before leaving home. SpotOn Reserve helps you navigate this with efficiency and class, and our team of restaurant experts will work closely with you to solve your restaurant’s specific needs—today and with every new challenge the world throws at you.

More guests. Less stress.

A reservation platform that works for you.

Unlike third-party reservation services, SpotOn Reserve gives you complete control of both your guest experience and your guest data, so you can easily stay connected after they leave your dining room. And our pricing is transparent and fair, with average savings of more than $800 per month compared to services that charge per-cover fees.

Fast & flexible front-of-house.

Reduce labor costs and serve more guests by leveraging Reserve’s powerful table management and server rotation tools—even during a pandemic.

  • Server & table management
  • Contact tracing for COVID-19 certification
  • Curbside pickup notifications

Powerful guest data to improve loyalty.

Unlike third-party reservation platforms that use your customer data to market your competitors, SpotOn Reserve lets you own your data. You know who your customers are and where they’re coming from, so you can make better-educated decisions and drive repeat visits with targeted marketing campaigns.

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